Friday, May 18, 2012

WoD 3

This wonderful woman that was my third interview is my grandmother Beverly Jean Snyder Ecker. I have a hard time using words to describe how I feel about her. She is and always has been an incredible example to me in every aspect of life. She has been able to overcome almost every hardship imaginable.  From intense pain everyday most of her adult life, to verbal and physical abuse as a child. Her story is one of those that gives hope to overcome all, and gratitude for our own trials. Her testimony of the Savior is as beautiful and strong as she is. At almost 83 years of age she still has a great sense of humor and a drive to do and live as our Savior did. I love you Mor Mor. (Norwegian for grandmother)

Beverly and my Mom
Beverly and husband Harold

The Ecker Family

Beverly and her Dad, Brother and Sister
Beverly her Senior year

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