Thursday, April 19, 2012

WoD interview 1!

YEA!!! I just completed my first interview. A little nerve wracking, but over all a great experience. I had the pleasure to interview my sister Sarah Robinson and hear her experience of having a daughter with cancer. Sarah has always been very well put together. Everything she does is done 110% with every little detail planned and carried out to perfection. From her clothes to her house, she knows how to get it done! I always admired her ability to be so good at everything, and often wondered how it would be to have such a perfect life. Of course her life hasn't been without little bumps, but it seemed that most everything went well for her. Then we got the phone call from her at the hospital. "It's malignant." Emptiness hit me. What do you say to someone you love who gives you news like that? Tears were shed, prayers were heard and ultimately the will of the Lord prevailed. What a strong and wonderful woman Sarah is. I am excited to share this life changing story with everyone and tell what her greatest fears, scariest moments and ultimately the prevailing force that got her and her family through this time of challenge in her life! I am posting a picture of her, and also of her daughter during the heart of chemo.

A painting done for free for the Robinson Family

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